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Ep 56 Unlocking Fulfillment in Your Relationship with Work Through Co-Creation

In a post-pandemic world, the new normal is defined by your relationship with work. Karen Mangia explains in her book Success from Anywhere.

In this episode, you’ll meet Karen Mangia in a Midlife Maximum episode. 

Karen is an internationally-recognized thought leader. Her TEDx appearance, keynotes, blogs, and books reach hundreds of thousands of business leaders each year. 

In this Midlife Maximum episode, we’re discussing key principles from her fourth book, Success from Anywhere. When I first heard the title of this book, I thought it was about working remotely. No. That’s what her first book is about, which is titled Working from Home. Success from Anywhere is about your relationship with work.  

That’s right, it’s about your relationship with work. 

Karen reveals the “why” behind this book with logic and personal stories that will provoke the way you think about your relationship with work. On episode 57, a solo midweek episode, I’ll give you my takeaway and my challenge for you to consider about your relationship with work

Start by listening to this conversation with Karen Mangia.  

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