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State of Midlife 2022 Report

We all want to be happy and fulfilled. When I surveyed my LinkedIn network I discovered that most people – 78% – are “fulfilled in some, but not all areas of their life.” 

In the State of Midlife Fulfilled 2022 Report you’ll discover the number one thing that people over the age of 35 want to improve in their life. It’s not what you would probably guess. 

Get the report to discover this and three things you can do to gain more fulfillment. 

We Spend Most of our Life in Midlife Seasons

The Midlife Fulfilled podcast is a resource for those of you in your 40s, 50s, and 60s (even in your 70s) to discover how to find fulfillment in the corner of your soul that seeks it.

I’m your host Bernie Borges. Join me on the Midlife Fulfilled podcast, a journey to make your midlife seasons the most fulfilling of your life! 

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If you are among the 78% who are fulfilled in some but not all areas of life, the Midlife Fulfilled podcast is for you.

You’ll hear from people sharing their midlife BF (before fulfillment) to AF (after fulfillment) stories.

Latest Podcast Episodes

Each guest takes you on a journey in one or more of their midlife seasons. You’ll discover potentially life-changing ways to find the fulfillment you seek in your current midlife season. 


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Caring for Aging Parent | Midlife Crisis Experience | Midlife Fulfilled Podcast

A Midlife Crisis Experience

Whether or not you experience a midlife crisis, be self-aware that it’s okay to admit it and deal with it through any combination of friends and family or professional assistance to cope and get through it on your terms. 
Midlife Fulfilled Explained | Midlife Fulfilled Podcast Bernie Borges

The Meaning of Midlife Fulfillment

Midlife is NOT THE MIDPOINT of your life. Get the Midlife Fulfilled report to learn what others are saying and doing about their midlife fulfillment journey.
Midlife is Not the Midpoint of Your Life | Midlife Fulfilled Podcast

Midlife is NOT the Midpoint of your Life

Midlife is not the midpoint of your life. Happiness is not the same as fulfillment. If you’re 80% fulfilled in your current midlife season, you’re going great!


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Almond Cow Milk Maker Midlife Fulfilled Podcast Bernie Borges

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