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Ep 53 Uncover Your Ancestry and DNA for a Fulfilled Life

After Miri Rodriguez's BRCA mutation gene diagnosis, she realized that her fulfillment was found in understanding her ancestry and DNA makeup.

This week’s guest is Miri Rodriguez and this is a BF (before fulfillment) to AF (after fulfillment) episode.

Miri is a senior storyteller for Microsoft, a best-selling author of Brand Storytelling, and owner of Be Mindful, Be Happy. She is also a wife, mom, and cancer survivor.

When Miri Rodriguez was diagnosed with the BRCA mutation gene and given an 87% chance of developing ovarian cancer, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery to heal her body, spirit, and soul and also to reclaim her fulfillment.  

After her BRCA mutation gene diagnosis, Miri went on an intense journey of self-reflection and healing. To get to a place of fulfillment, she had to take a break from everyone to focus on her own healing. She eventually realized that her fulfillment was found in getting back to her true self and understanding her ancestry and DNA makeup. Through this journey, she found the courage to fight and remain positive.

Miri shares three key points:

1. Uncover Your Ancestry and DNA Makeup as Part of Your Fulfillment in Life

2. Listen to Your Intuition, Even if it Sounds Crazy

3. Reframe Your Actions and Priorities with Freedom and Love

On the other side of my conversation with Miri, I reveal an epiphany that Miri enabled. You can use this insight to determine your own fulfillment goals. 

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