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Ep 47 Trusting your instincts to make a career change with Lorraine Lee

After six years working at LinkedIn, which was her dream company, Lorraine Lee trusted her instinct that it was time for a career change.

Lorraine is a top-rated virtual speaker and leader with 300,000+ followers. On this episode, Lorraine shares in her BF (before fulfillment) story about how she felt that she had peaked in her then-current job at LinkedIn, and her AF (after fulfillment) story about how she was re-energized and challenged by the career change working in her new job at Prezi.  

In this episode, I have three key takeaways for you to ponder. 

  1. The discomfort of change is required for growth.
  2. Stare at the camera during virtual presentations.
  3. You can help me rebrand the definition of midlife. 

Lorraine’s story is about the dreaded career change that can drive stress and anxiety in all of us. In Lorraine’s case, she was working at LinkedIn, where she dreamed of working while she was in college.   

Lorraine reached a point where she knew it was time for a change.  She admits to being nervous about leaving the identity she was known for as the face of LinkedIn News. 

Tune in to hear Lorraine Lee’s BF to AF story and ponder the change you’ve been putting off in your career or elsewhere in your life. 

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