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Ep 77 Take This Test to Measure Your Leadership Effectiveness

To be an effective leader in your business and your personal life I challenge you to grade yourself on self-awareness.

Welcome to my takeaway episode from my conversation with Jamie Turner on episode 76 about leadership effectiveness.

Jamie is a leadership consultant and coach. He shared key leadership effectiveness principles. In this take away episode, I briefly summarize them and offer two other perspectives. 

Key Principles of Leadership

  1. Be self-aware. Know who you are, what motivates you. This will help you to be more effective in leading others.
  2. Work on your mindset first, skillset second. Focus on developing a positive mindset to inspire those around you.
  3. Be authentic. Your team will appreciate your authenticity and be more likely to follow you.
  4. Have purpose and meaning. When you help others achieve their purpose and meaning, they’re more likely to follow your leadership.
  5. Follow the unspoken rules of leadership. 

Leadership in Your Own Business

If you’re a business owner, you can apply these leadership principles to your business.  I explain a scenario where your leadership could be exasperating to your staff if you’re not self-aware.

Leadership in Your Personal Life

I share a personal story of my lessons learned and leadership style with my two adult children when discussing situations in their workplace.
My Challenge to You

I challenge you to grade yourself on self-awareness. This is a private exercise. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being I’m not in touch with who I am, I don’t know my current values, or what motivates me, and 10 being I’m extremely in touch with who I am and I’m living my values in all areas of my life, and I know how to channel this in my leadership roles in the workplace and in my personal life.

I’m confident you’ll find this exercise helpful.  Listen to episode 77 and leave me a voice message to tell me your reaction to this test.

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