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Ep 76 The Unspoken Rules of Leadership Will Make You a Better Leader

Jamie Turner says that being an effective leader starts with self-awareness, and mindset over skillset.

In episode 76, you’ll meet leadership development expert, Jamie Turner. Jamie provides valuable insights on how to become an effective leader, particularly for those of us in a midlife season. He shares his experience on how to develop leadership skills and the importance of mindset over skillset.

Jamie says that being an effective leader starts with self-awareness. He says to understand what motivates you. Be the authentic version of yourself. Nurture your desire to help others and consider how to manifest this desire into a career.

We discussed how leadership has evolved in recent decades. Jamie says that modern leadership requires true authenticity. Your team wants authenticity from you.

However, Jamie makes a distinction between transparency and authenticity. Your team doesn’t want to or need to know intimate details of your life. Too much transparency can be harmful to your relationships. 

As a leader, Jamie says it is essential to be a teacher and inspirer for the people around you.

If you (or someone you know) are a leader in business, this episode is for you. Note, several of the principles Jamie discusses can be applied to our personal relationships outside of work.

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