Matt Gilhooly Midlife Fulfilled Podcast With Bernie Borges

Ep 45 A story of midlife self discovery with Matt Gilhooly

Matt Gilhooly's story of self discovery reminds us that we all go through a self discovery process, often more than once in our lifetime.

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Matt Gilhooly is a creator – podcaster, communicator, and educator. He is the creator, producer, editor, and host of The Life Shift Podcast.

On this episode, Matt shares his BF (before fulfillment) to AF (after fulfillment) story of self-discovery. His story reminds us that we all go through a self-discovery process, often more than once in our lifetime. Matt’s journey includes: 

  1. His mom’s tragic death when he was eight years old.
  2. His quest to express his thoughts and emotions without judgment.
  3. Discovering what truly fulfills him. 

Today, Matt is enjoying the privilege of speaking with others about their own “life shift” experiences on his Life Shift podcast. 

What is your self-discovery rooted in? 

I answer that question about my own personal self-discovery journey on the other side of my conversation with Matt.  

Tune in to hear Matt Gilhooly’s BF to AF story and discover how the insights behind his midlife self-discovery can impact your current midlife season.

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