Tom Petty Healthy Food Diet Midlife Fulfilled Podcast With Bernie Borges

Ep. 34 Tom’s midlife healthy eating practices are transformative

Tom and Joanne eliminated all processed foods from their diet and experienced healing from a life-threatening illness that stumped the medical community.

This week’s guest is Tom Petty.  Tom is no relation to the deceased musician by the same name. Tom shares his BF (before fulfillment) to AF (after fulfillment) story about how he and his wife Joanne have survived a difficult midlife season during which Joanne battled a life-threatening illness that stumped the medical community.

Tom and Joanne completely changed their diet by only eating meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables nearest to their natural harvest state. They eliminated all processed foods and the results have been so amazing that even the doctors are impressed.

Joanne has gone from being restricted to a wheelchair to walking without the aid of a walker or cane. Tom lost more than 60 pounds without trying, just by eating non-processed foods.

Tom has suffered from psoriasis his entire life. He says that his psoriasis is in remission now with little evidence of it in his life.

Tom and Joanne’s new normal is not quite what it was prior to Joanne’s initial stroke-like incident that spiraled into the nightmare scenario that has lasted years. But, it is considerably better than it was prior to making the diet change.

Bernie describes the importance of reading the ingredients on food product labels and how he and his wife make homemade almond milk rather than purchase it at the grocery store. 

Listen to Tom’s BF to AF story and share it with someone you know who needs to hear it. Check out Tom’s psoriasis program below to learn how he’s helping others who battle this condition.

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