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This section of the website is dedicated to sharing and recommending books I’ve read. The links below are affiliate links. I earn a small commission if you purchase a book from this page. I only recommend books that I have read and offer value in your career or general midlife well-being.

The Power of Regret is one of the five most profound books I’ve read. This New York Times Bestseller by Daniel H. Pink will cause you to think about your own regrets (we all have them) and “how looking backward moves us forward.”

When – The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing is a fascinating book by New York Times bestselling author Daniel H. Pink. Among the many useful things you’ll learn is how to take a restorative nap, the power of synching to the heart to maximize the performance of a team, and much more. This is a book I have on my desk for frequent reference.

In Work Better Together, two experts from Deloitte – Jen Fisher and Ahn Gynn Philips – explain how working remotely, over-relying on digital communication, and always being “on” is fast-increasing feelings of isolation and burnout – and how a work culture driven by quality relationships can reverse these trends. The authors show how to cultivate positive relationships by: focusing on self-care, such as physical health, quality sleep, and taking time off; tapping into human skills, such as empathy, authenticity, and communication; using technology with intentionality to strengthen relationships, while breaking the negative habits technology fosters; managing workplace relationships, whether you’re in the office every day or telecommuting-or something in between; and developing a culture of strong relationships that drive quality collaboration throughout the organization.

Content Inc (second edition) is Joe Pulizzi’s epic book (not to be confused with Epic Content Marketing) on the business of content. Joe and his wife Pam built and sold a content-based company on the business model explained in this book. Joe and Pam, along with many amazingly talented staff grew the Content Marketing Institute into the premier destination for information, events, and thought leadership on the practice of content marketing. They sold CMI in 2016 in a successful exit. This book explains the business model step by step for any “content entrepreneur” to study and implement in her own content business.


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