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Ep 44 Midlife career transition through Soul Cats with Tamara Schenk

Tamara Schenk's midlife career transition was inspired by her cats, resulting in a book and successful business helping others overcome trauma.

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On this episode, Tamara Schenk shares her BF (before fulfillment) to AF (after fulfillment) story. Her story highlights three key affirmations that created transformation in her midlife career transition journey.

  1. She realized where she was experiencing fulfillment and wanted more of that.
  2. Her understanding of what was a waste of her time, skills, and energy.
  3. How both of these realizations fit together like a puzzle to create transformation in her career transition journey. 

Tamara came to a point of transformation when not one but two cats in her life inspired her to write a book she titled Soul Cats. And, now she helps people and cats overcome trauma. 
This episode is not about cats, although Tamara explains how her cats influenced her midlife career transition. It’s about transformation.

My challenge to you is to embrace the takeaway from Tamara’s story which I reveal on the other side of the interview with Tamara.

Tune in to hear Tamara Schenk’s BF to AF story and discover how the insights behind her midlife career transformation can impact your current midlife season.
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