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Ep 58 How to Embrace Adversity and Find Greatness Within You

Marcia Donziger experienced adversity at a young age and she used each adversity as a stepping stone. Marcia knew that she was meant for great things! 

In episode 58, you’ll meet Marcia Donziger in a BF (before fulfillment) to AF (after fulfillment) episode. 

If you’ve faced any adversity in your life, you know how difficult it can be. In some cases, adversity can be debilitating. 

Marcia Donziger was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer at the age of 27 and was told that she would never have children. She went into remission at age 28 and six months later she got divorced. 

In the face of adversity, a dear friend of Marcia’s whispered into her ear “you are meant for great things.” This stayed with Marcia for years laying dormant but destined to be harnessed.  

Marcia started a non-profit that has been a blessing to many people. She just released a new book titled: You Are Meant for Great Things.  And, now she is a new season of life that you’re going to hear about in this episode.     

Start your journey to understanding your greatness by listening to this conversation with Marcia Donziger on episode 58.

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