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Ep 65 Finding Purpose in Midlife Through Discerned Transformation

Tom Schreier leads the Inspired Leadership Initiative at Notre Dame helping individuals in midlife find purpose and meaning in the next chapter of life. 

Welcome to my takeaway episode for my conversation with Tom Schreier on episode 64.

Tom Schreier is the Founding Director of the Inspired Leadership Initiative (ILI) at the University of Notre Dame. Tom shared his journey to becoming the founding director of ILI, and his mission to help individuals in their midlife to find purpose and meaning in their life after completing a core career. These people know they have more to give but they don’t know what they want to do next. 

I highly encourage you to listen to the full conversation with Tom on the previous episode.

My Key Takeaways:

  • Tom emphasized how ILI is looking for people who, after completing their career are receptive to discerned transformation. They’re curious and willing to think broadly about what they may want to do in their next chapter.
  • The ILI program seeks people who are excited to engage in conversations and experience a self-discovery process that is crucial to finding purpose in this midlife chapter.
  • Tom also explained how the ILI program is considered “encore education,” where individuals in midlife have the opportunity to discover a new encore that can be their next chapter.

These three principles tie together into one cohesive mindset of people who know they can be a force for good in a new chapter in their life and they’re willing to explore it in the ILI program in order to find it.

If you’re interested in learning more about ILI and how this encore education program at the University of Notre Dame can help you find purpose in midlife, visit their website ili.nd.edu

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