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Ep 64 Discovering Your Midlife Encore: Notre Dame’s Inspired Leadership Initiative

The Inspired Leadership Initiative is a different kind of higher education, offering "encore education" to people who are looking to find their purpose in the next stage of their midlife season. 

Episode 64 features Tom Schreier, founding director of the Inspired Leadership Initiative (ILI) at the University of Notre Dame.

ILI is a different kind of higher education, offering “encore education” to people who are looking to find their purpose in the next stage of their midlife season. 

Encore education refers to the growing trend of adults seeking secondary education after completing their careers. It’s designed to help people think broadly and thoughtfully about their purpose, as they pivot to a new stage in life. 

ILI enables participants to attend with a community of like-minded people, where they enjoy making connections with others like them as well as university students and faculty. 

You’ll hear Tom Schreier, explain how he found himself at a crossroads in his accomplished career when he was invited to start this new program at Notre Dame. 

ILI attendees, called fellows, don’t receive a degree but instead leverage the resources of Notre Dame to discover an encore after their careers. Fellows interact with faculty, students, and each other, creating a dynamic that benefits everyone involved. ILI fellows are organized into cohorts, and each program runs from August through May, mirroring a full school year.

Prospective fellows should be finished with their careers and receptive to discerned transformation. Curiosity, open-mindedness, and a willingness to change one’s identity are crucial traits for those looking to engage in encore education.

ILI is designed to help individuals ensure that the remaining decades of their lives are as purposeful and valuable as possible. The Inspired Leadership Initiative is reshaping how we view education and personal growth in later life.

Catch my upcoming Bernie’s takeaway episode from my conversation with Tom Schreier on episode 65. But, start now with episode 64 to catch my full conversation with Tom. 

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