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Ep 63 The Evolution of Your Purpose: Why Midlife Transition is Inevitable

If you're unhappy or unfulfilled in this midlife season, instead of searching for a new job, focus on discovering your current purpose.

On this solo midweek episode, I share my takeaway from my conversation with Elizabeth Ledoux on episode 62. 

In my conversation with Elizabeth, we discussed that transitions for most business owners are inevitable. And, transitions can apply to all of us. Whether you’re a business owner or an individual, planning a transition begins with finding your purpose.

If you’re unhappy with your job in this midlife season, instead of searching for a new job, focus on discovering your current purpose. What are you really good at? Do you have a hobby that you love that could become a viable business? Sometimes, we have to take action to see if we would love it as a job and to learn if it would be fulfilling.

It all starts with your “why,” your purpose. For me, my why is educating and inspiring midlife people to find fulfillment. Shockingly, 78% of people I surveyed are not fulfilled.

Your purpose evolves throughout your lifetime, so don’t get caught up in the treadmill of life. Take the time to ask yourself, “What is my current purpose?” Consider asking someone close to you. Others may see something in you that you don’t see in yourself.

Catch my solo takeaway episode and commit to revisiting your current purpose. When was the last time you answered this question? Go ahead, ask yourself, what is your purpose?

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