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Ep 62 Business Transition Planning in Midlife Creates the Life You Want to Live

Elizabeth Ledoux aims to help business owners transition their assets to others, and create a ripple effect through an entire community.

In a Midlife Maximum episode, Elizabeth Ledoux joins us to talk about her mission to help successful people transition from business ownership to live the life they want. 

As CEO of The Transition Strategists, Elizabeth creates programs for business owners’ transitions to their next chapter to keep communities healthy by keeping businesses healthy, soccer games playing, money flowing, and relationships going. 

Her aim is to help business owners transition their assets to others, and create a ripple effect through an entire community.

Elizabeth believes that mom-and-pop businesses are the backbone of society, and when a business shuts down, it’s a big loss in a community or family. She encourages business owners to believe that transition planning could be the most important thing they do in their careers.

Elizabeth also talks about her Pathfinder Program, which helps people find their next adventure and a new purpose, whether or not they are a business owner. She encourages people to engage in self-discovery to find their self-purpose, and not to be afraid of retirement. When a business owner begins planning their transition, it creates opportunities for others, but they can be terrified if they haven’t found a purpose for their next adventure.

Catch my takeaway from my conversation with Elizabeth Ledoux on episode 63. 

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