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Ep. 31 She can feel her fulfilled midlife in her bones🥇

Reneta Jenik has been through a divorce, lost 80 pounds, competed in triathlons and discovered a need she's addressing through her food technology startup.

This week’s guest is Reneta Jenik.  Reneta’s BF (before fulfillment) to AF (after fulfillment) story began 11 years ago when she went through a divorce. After picking up the pieces post-divorce she began competing in triathlons.  This motivated her to uplevel her nutrition strategy and she lost 80 pounds. She regained her confidence and eventually remarried. 

Her corporate career was going great until she experienced the unexpected – her job was eliminated. She found another job that seemed like a great job. But, she was bit by the entrepreneurial bug so much so that she couldn’t focus on her job.  

She resigned from her corporate job to give her food-technology startup idea a go full time. Two years later, Foodom is growing and serving many families with nutritional, home-cooked meals.  

What makes Reneta’s BF to AF midlife story compelling is her conviction to make Foodom a success. She says that she “feels it in her bones” that it will continue to grow and succeed in a big way. You’ll be inspired to hear the conviction in her voice. Maybe, you’ll pause to think about what you feel in your bones that could happen if you take a certain action.

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