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Ep 51 Caring for Elderly Parents: Advice from a Social Gerontologist

Benjamin Surmi, a social gerontologist explains what you should consider as an adult child of aging parents to plan for their care in their later years.

On this Midlife Maximum episode, you’ll meet Benjamin Surmi. Midlife Maximum episodes are informational, and educational in nature.

Benjamin Surmi is a social gerontologist. He is director of education and culture at Koelsch Communities headquartered in Washington state. 

In this episode, you’ll hear Benjamin explain what you should consider as an adult child of aging parents or other aging loved ones, and how to plan for their care in their later years. Benjamin explains the options for elder care ranging from a life plan community, independent living, assisted living, memory care, and adult family home care.

We also discuss the role of family dynamics and other factors that shape how families can approach caring for older parents or loved ones.

On the other side of my conversation with Benjamin, I share my personal story of arranging elder care for my parents in their final years. Then, I ask you to consider how this topic may be relevant to you in your life either with your own parents or other aging loved ones in your life.

If you’re tempted to think this topic isn’t for you, think again. Most of us in a midlife season will deal with this topic. There’s a good chance, you’ll want to share this episode with someone you know.   

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