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Ep 182 Season 3: Unlocking the Keys to Deep Fulfillment for Midlife Thriving

Fulfillment goes beyond momentary happiness, contributing to your well-being, personal growth, and meaningful connections, leading to a more purposeful life.

Welcome to season three of the Midlife Fulfilled podcast. This is the first ‘On My Mind’ episode where I focus on explaining the difference between fulfillment and happiness, highlighting the significant role of fulfillment in your life.  Three key points I cover are:

Understanding the Distinction Between Fulfillment and Happiness

I discuss the difference between fulfillment and happiness. While happiness is seen as a fleeting emotion often triggered by external circumstances, fulfillment is a deeper and more enduring state that stems from a sense of purpose, meaning, and satisfaction in achievements. Unlike happiness, fulfillment is not solely about the pleasure of the moment; instead, it is about achieving a balanced state of being that aligns with your values, goals, and aspirations. It’s important to understand this distinction as it plays a key role in ensuring a sense of wholeness and contentment. I often say that fulfillment is immutable, meaning it is rarely erased by external changes or temporary setbacks.

The Significance of Fulfillment in Midlife

Fulfillment holds substantial significance in midlife, impacting many aspects of your life. This includes your meaning and purpose, self-actualization, emotional well-being, relationships, and legacy and impact. Fulfillment provides a sense of significance and connects you with deeper human needs and aspirations. As you pursue fulfillment, you contribute to the greater good, enriching your life while leaving a lasting impact on others and future generations.

Chasing Fulfillment Every Day

I emphasize the importance of pursuing fulfillment every day. The more you experience fulfillment, the more you seek it. It becomes addictive (in a good way), contributing to your overall sense of well-being and emotional stability. I suggest you prioritize fulfillment across the 5 pillars of midlife: health, fitness, career, relationships, and legacy. I encourage you to recognize and own your pursuit of fulfillment, acknowledging its positive impact on your life and those around you.

Main Takeaway

I encourage you to embrace the profound impact of pursuing fulfillment in midlife. Fulfillment goes beyond momentary happiness and contributes to your well-being, personal growth, and meaningful connections with others. Understanding the importance of fulfillment across the 5 pillars of midlife can lead to a more enriching and purposeful life, empowering you to leave a legacy and make a lasting impact on the world around you.

Listen to episode 182 and delve into these principles around fulfillment in midlife. You will gain valuable insights into fulfillment in your daily life, contributing to personal growth and overall well-being.


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Episode Transcript

Bernie Borges [00:00:00]:
Hello, friend. This is Bernie Borges, your host of the Midlife Fulfill podcast. And this is episode 182 and the beginning of season 3. That’s right. A brand new season is upon us. Now if you’re wondering, what constitutes a new season in the podcasting world? Well, the answer is really unique to each podcaster. Some podcasts do it based on timing. They publish x number of episodes for a season, and then they take a break, and they come back for a new season.

Bernie Borges [00:00:32]:
Other podcasters devote a season to a specific topic or a theme. Often, these are shorter seasons. In my case, the reason that I’m ready for season 3 is simply because I’m going to make a few changes to the Midlife Fulfill podcast. Nothing huge, nothing really, really big, but changes nonetheless. Now, I’m going to reveal these changes, but first, I want to take a moment to thank you for being here. You know my friend, podcasting can sometimes feel very lonely. Unlike speaking on a stage in front of a live audience or even on a webinar to a live virtual audience, podcasting is like speaking to no one during the recording, except, of course, when I’m interviewing a guest. But solo episodes are different.

Bernie Borges [00:01:21]:
I don’t live broadcast a podcast. I record them in advance. So in the moment, like right now, the act of podcasting is pretty lonely. Now I’m not asking for sympathy. I’m just sharing the reality of what it’s like to be a podcaster, which is why I wanna go out of my way to thank you for being here. Since this is episode 182, you probably fall into 1 of 3 listener categories. You could be a long time listener, which is awesome. You could be an occasional listener.

Bernie Borges [00:01:54]:
Or, you could be a new listener. Now, I want you to know that whichever listener category you are in, I greatly appreciate you being here. You know, I also listen to podcasts. Many podcasts. So I completely understand the experience on your end because I’m on your end every day when I listen to podcasts. And I want you to know how much I appreciate you being here. And I wanna remind you that in the show notes, you can find my email address. So if you ever want to pass along feedback or just get in touch, you can email me.

Bernie Borges [00:02:30]:
I promise I read each email myself. Now, speaking of feedback, I want to share just a few of the reviews of the podcast and just give a shout out to a few folks. So Danielle wrote a 5 star review titled insightful and inclusive. She says my favorite part about listening to Bernie and his guests talk about the wide spectrum of the midlife journey is that it is so unapologetically personal. She says I walk away feeling refreshed. Thank you, Danielle. Clara, in a 5 star review, says, fabulous show. Love the message Bernie is sharing that life is all about living and being fulfilled.

Bernie Borges [00:03:11]:
He has a great way of digging deeper with his guests and identifying where true transformation can happen. Thank you, Clara. And James says, a breath of fresh air. He says, I just discovered this podcast, and I love it. Bernie has a way of engaging his guests to bring out ideas that are very health, and he goes on to say more. But I’ll leave it at that. Thank you, James. And again, thank you to anyone that has left a review for the podcast.

Bernie Borges [00:03:38]:
At the time of this recording, I have 30 reviews in Apple Podcasts. So again, if you’ve written one, thank you so much. It’s truly, truly heartwarming to receive the feedback and these accolades. It really helps me deal with the loneliness of podcasting. And, hey, if you haven’t written a review yet, this is my shameless plug asking you to write a review. Alright. Let’s get to the reason for season 3. In the most recent season, obviously, season 2, I published 3 types of podcast episodes.

Bernie Borges [00:04:09]:
The maximum episode is an interview with someone who can teach or inform on a relevant topic across 1 or more of the 5 pillars of midlife. And you know what they are. Health, fitness, career, relationships, and legacy. Then the b f to a f episodes are a conversation with someone who’s willing to share a personal story about their own fulfillment journey. These are truly personal stories. And in many cases, my guest has opened up about something very meaningful, very personal, very intimate about their life experiences. The 3rd episode type is what I’ve called Bernie’s Takeaway These were my solo episodes summarizing my key takeaways from that week’s guest conversation. And I also issue a challenge at the end of the episode on the topic for that episode.

Bernie Borges [00:05:02]:
I have to tell you, I love recording these takeaway episodes because I put a lot of reflection b episodes published on Thursdays. Now there’s also a 4th episode type that I published in season 2, although with less regularity, and these were the immersive storytelling episodes. In these episodes, a brand sponsor a series of episodes to tell stories through their users or customers about the impact of the brand in their midlife journey. Notably, in 2023, the inspired leadership initiative at the University of Notre Dame sponsored an immersive storytelling series of 5 episodes. Now the 5th episode was recorded at the University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame Studios while I attended and spoke at the annual Inspired Leadership Initiative Conference, which was a lot of fun and very very meaningful. In fact, I even participated in a tour of the Notre Dame football stadium, and I got an awesome picture of me on the 50 yard line. It was really a blast. So what’s changing in season 3? Well, first, what’s not changing? I’m gonna continue to record maximum episodes.

Bernie Borges [00:06:21]:
I’ve heard from many of you how valuable these are because they’re informational from a subject matter expert on topics that run the gamut from financial planning to elder care planning to leadership to fitness over 40 to embracing work Midlife balance, to gaining confidence for dating and midlife, and the list goes on. These maximum episodes are compelling because each one offers some expert insight into a topic that’s relevant to us in our midlife seasons. I always suggest to you, my listener, that you may know someone who needs to hear a certain message on one of these maximum episodes. I legacy something on every single maximum episode. So, yes, I will continue to record maximum episodes. What about the b f to a f episodes? Well, I’m gonna change this episode type a little bit. I’m renaming it vulnerable conversations. That’s right.

Bernie Borges [00:07:21]:
I will continue to ask the guest in these episodes to share a personal fulfillment story, but with a twist. Each guest has to agree to engage me in a vulnerable conversation where I have their permission to react to their story, probe deep into the story, and offer my insight. It could sound something like this. Here’s what I’m hearing and here’s something that you might consider. Again, just an example. But this is why I’m calling these vulnerable conversations. They’re not scripted. In fact, maximum and fulfillment stories are never scripted.

Bernie Borges [00:08:02]:
And I’m only mentioning this to emphasize that these vulnerable conversations are gonna be real time, in the moment conversations. And I will end each recording with the following question. Is there one thing that you regret in your life that if you could have a do over, you would do differently? I think we can all answer that question. Another change in season 3 is that I will no longer record the Bernice Takeaway episodes. Why you ask? Well, my friend, I’m not going to sugarcoat the answer to that. The Bernice Takeaway episodes are time consuming. As much as I enjoy them, I mentioned that a moment ago, but I need to free up some time to work on the business side of the Midlife Fulfilled podcast. At this time, the big project that I’m working on that I’m super excited about is the 2024 Midlife Fulfilled Research Project.

Bernie Borges [00:09:01]:
You’ve heard me promoting this survey. I’m sure. Now if you’ve already taken the survey, thank you. This survey will inform a research report that will publish this summer, the summer of 2024. Now the report is a collaborative effort with Udemy, with whom I’m partnering on this whole research project. I’m super excited about this research because it’s going to provide fascinating insights into the current state of fulfillment and the things that are important to individuals across the span of the many decades, from our forties to our nineties. This research report is going to be available for download this summer, again, the summer of 2024, and it will be free. This report will also be a catalyst for private speaking and consulting arrangements where I will work with leaders at companies who want to dive deeper into the meaning of these insights in their organizations for the purpose of improving their employee experience and even productivity.

Bernie Borges [00:10:03]:
So I’m simply freeing up some time by discontinuing the solo takeaway episodes to plan the report and the ensuing service offerings that will be made possible by the insights in this report. Now, there’s one more change coming in season 3. While I will still publish weekly episodes, some of these episodes will be me in the episodes, and I’m calling these episodes on my mind. In fact, this is the first one. This is an On My Mind episode. And, hey, I wanna give a shout out to my friend, Dan, who helped me actually come up with that name. Thanks, Dan. In On My Mind episodes, I will cover a topic that is on my mind.

Bernie Borges [00:10:48]:
Now, these topics will always pertain to some aspect of what we all share in common, the desire to thrive across the 5 pillars of midlife. Again, health, fitness, career, relationships, and legacy. So let’s get started, shall we? I wanna kick off season 3 with a review of the basics. I’m referring to the meaning of fulfillment. Now, the reason I wanna start here is because I find myself having to explain the meaning of fulfillment over and over again. As a result, I realize that fulfillment is not a universally understood concept. So I combine my own sentiments about fulfillment with institutional insights from authors and educators to summarize it here as the foundation of season 3.

10:49 to 25:02 is covered in the blog post titled: Your Desire to Thrive in Midlife if Fueled by Fulfillment

Bernie Borges [00:25:03]:
If you want to get in touch with me to collaborate on the findings of this research, jump over to the show notes page for this episode and find my email address. Maybe you work at a fitness, or maybe you own a fitness, where you want to teach the significance of these research findings. Hey, let’s chat to explore what that could look like for you. You know, one thing that’s not changing in season 3 is my reminder that if you’re 80% fulfilled, you’re doing great. And, if you want to know how I know that, just download my fulfillment scorecard. My friend, stay fulfilled. And I’ll see you on episode 183.

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