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The Five Pillars Of Fulfillment Scorecard

Are you navigating the adventures of your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond with more questions than answers? It's time to embrace the five pillars of midlife fulfillment!

Welcome to the ‘Five Pillars of Fulfillment’ scorecard—a transformative resource crafted to propel you towards a more fulfilling midlife journey across the five pillars of midlife: 

Health, Fitness, Career, Relationships, and Legacy.

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Midlife is about seizing opportunities for growth, joy, and purpose. 
Through Bernie's insights, you'll score the Five Pillars of Fulfillment—Health, Fitness, Career, Relationships, and Legacy—and learn where you should focus to thrive and maximize your fulfillment.

What Awaits You Inside?

A Personalized Scoring Tool

Dive deep into your current state of fulfillment across the five essential pillars of midlife. It's an eye-opening experience designed to score your fulfillment in each pillar.

Actionable Questions

Each pillar is accompanied by thought-provoking questions to help you evaluate your fulfillment levels and set actionable goals to improve your fulfillment in the pillar(s) most important to you.

Guidance for Fulfillment

Discover how to prioritize your efforts for maximum impact. Learn why chasing fulfillment in the most needed areas can lead to immutable fulfillment.

Bernie Borges | Midlife Fulfilled

I’m Bernie Borges, host of the Midlife Fulfilled podcast and a twice-rebooted midlife career professional. I crafted this scorecard from my experience interviewing more than 100 individuals, making it ideal for anyone over age 40 to score their fulfillment in each pillar. I want to help you discover the power of immutable fulfillment.

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Embrace this chapter of your life with the wisdom and tools to thrive. Get ‘The Five Pillars of Fulfillment’ scorecard and start your journey toward a life filled with more joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

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Whether you're in your 40s, 50s, 60s, or beyond, this is a time to SCORE your fulfillment.


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