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Ep 187 Navigating the Impact of a Midlife Crisis on Financial, Career, and Mental Health

I examine the cost of a midlife crisis for millennials compared to people in their 40s and 50s and offer strategies for navigating this challenging phase.

In this ‘On My Mind’ episode, I examine the cost of a midlife crisis, focusing on how millennials are affected, and comparing it with those in their forties and fifties. I highlight the potential long-term consequences and offer coping strategies for navigating this challenging phase. Three key points I cover are:

1️⃣ The Millennial Midlife Crisis
I begin by shedding light on the phenomenon of millennials experiencing a midlife crisis earlier than previous generations. Factors contributing to this include economic instability, student loan debt, delayed milestones like marriage and homeownership, and the pressures of social media and hustle culture.

2️⃣ Financial and Career Implications
I highlight the potential financial costs of a midlife crisis for millennials, such as impulsive job changes, major purchases, and career setbacks. These decisions can lead to loss of income, strained relationships, and hindered professional growth. By comparison, individuals in their forties and fifties are more likely to have established careers, higher incomes, and accumulated savings and assets, making impulsive decisions less risky.

3️⃣ Impact on Physical and Mental Health
I also delve into the physical and mental health impacts for millennials and older individuals experiencing a midlife crisis. Millennials may face increased stress, anxiety, and impulsive behaviors, while older adults might grapple with existing health conditions and disruptions in relationships.

Regardless of age, a midlife crisis can have far-reaching consequences on an individual’s financial stability, career trajectory, and overall well-being. The comparison between millennials and individuals in their forties and fifties underscores the severity of the potential costs and implications for each group, highlighting the need for mindful navigation and professional support during this challenging phase of life.

Tune in to gain insight into navigating the impact of a midlife crisis at any age.

Report from The Thriving Center of Psychology: Millennials in Crisis


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