Bernie Borges Episode 61 | Midlife Fulfilled Podcast

Ep 61 Living With No Fear: Why Planning Your Death Can Be Joyful

On this take away episode, I issue the challenge to give yourself permission to answer the question what plans have you made for your eternity.

On this midweek solo episode, I share with you my main takeaway from my conversation with Mike McKeown on episode 60.

Mike made two key points. One is that he found a meaningful purpose later in life beyond the usual career, family,  and finances. In Mike’s case, he discovered the meaning of fulfillment through serving others, which is pleasing to God. 
In this solo takeaway episode, I chose to focus on Mike’s other point about reconciling your relationship with your creator by making a conscious decision about your beliefs pertaining to your life after death.

On this episode, I share my personal journey to faith and my beliefs about life after death. My journey wasn’t a straight path. It didn’t happen overnight. I was influenced in part by the story of Lee Strobel who wrote the book The Case for Christ (and 19 other books). 

As you listen to me share Lee Strobel’s story and how it influenced me, I challenge you to think about what plans you have made for your eternity. If that sounds like an odd question, I’ll remind you that the death rate is 100%. I’m going to die someday. You’re going to die someday.  What are your plans?

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