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Ep 55 Dare to Dream: The Power of Giving Yourself Permission

Laura Putnam gave herself permission to pursue her dream of being a professional dancer. It didn't work out, but it greatly influenced her business success.

In episode 55, (an 8-minute solo episode), I share my takeaway from my conversation with Laura Putnam on episode 54

Life is a journey full of twists and turns, and it doesn’t always go the way we’d like it to. 

Laura Putnam realized that she wasn’t pursuing her passion. She discovered a disconnect between her dream and her reality. She came to understand that the most common regret dying people have is not living the life they wanted to live.

Laura gave herself permission to pursue her dream of being a professional dancer. And, it didn’t work out for her. 

Since starting her company Motion Infusion in 2008, she leveraged her greatest talent –  teaching.  She teaches business leaders about workplace wellness. She inspires them to transform into an oasis of well-being, using her teaching skills and her passion for movement to help others.

Laura is fulfilled by the work she does because it’s a culmination of all the previous seasons of her life, including her pursuit of being a dancer, coming together in a meaningful way.

My challenge to you is…

Ask yourself, where are you on the journey of understanding your fulfillment in the pursuit of your dreams? Are you connecting the dots between your dreams and your work?

Correlate Laura’s story, beginning with her passion for movement at an early age and how it shaped her as an adult, with your story, and ask yourself if you’re giving yourself permission to pursue your passion and your dreams in your current midlife season.

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