Bernie Borges Midlife Fulfilled Podcast Episode 0

Ep. 1 What is Midlife Fulfillment?

On episode 1 of The Midlife Fulfilled podcast Bernie Borges defines midlife and fulfillment backed by science to start this journey.

Hello midlifers. Welcome to the journey. This is episode 1 of The Midlife Fulfilled podcast. On this episode I focus on two topics:

  • I define midlife. When I sent out my survey, this was the most common question I received – how do you define midlife? 
  • I define and discuss what it means to be fulfilled. 

Links to Articles Mentioned on This Episode
The Happiness U Curve is from a study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research.  

A national survey of Midlife in the United States conducted a poll to determine how many people experience midlife crises. It found that approximately 26% of the participants reported having a midlife crisis. Most survey participants reported that their midlife crisis occurred before age 40 or after 50.

A 2016 study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Development found an upside to the midlife crisis—curiosity.

A study from Stanford University titled The New Map of Life suggests that the average life span is on its way to 100.

My podcast interview with Howard Tiersky, a highly acclaimed digital transformation strategist.   Howard says that all customers’ behavior is based on their thoughts and feelings.

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