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Ep 72 Unlocking Your Creativity Can Help You Find Fulfillment in Midlife

Anne Witherspoon's three burnouts led to a breakthrough when she allowed herself to unlock her creativity by writing a book, which brings her fulfillment.

Episode 72 features Anne Witherspoon in a BF (before fulfillment) to AF (after fulfillment) episode.

Anne shares three BF to AF stories. The common theme among the three stories is her desire to find fulfillment by trying to do too much between her career, her family life, and her extracurricular activities.

Anne says that these burnouts led to a breakthrough when she allowed herself to unlock her creativity by writing a book. While she hopes her book Unicorn Leadership is helpful to others, she admits she had to get it out of her head for her own fulfillment.

Anne encourages us to discover our creativity, harness it and do good with it for our own fulfillment. If your creativity helps others, that’s icing on the cake.

Listen to hear Anne’s three BF to AF stories and the lessons she has learned.

On my midweek episode 73, I’ll share my takeaways from my conversation with Anne and a challenge for you to consider on this topic. Start by listening to my full conversation with Anne here on episode 72.

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