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Ep 123 Unlocking Career Fulfillment through Volunteer Service

Volunteer service may not deliver a paycheck, but it invariably gifts a sense of purpose, and career fulfillment derived from making a difference.

Welcome to episode 123, a takeaway episode sparked by my conversation with David Goad on episode 122 where he revealed how he realized career fulfillment in part through volunteer service.

🌟 Key Discussion Points from Episode 122

Embracing Transitions: David navigated through three corporate layoffs and transitions, dealing with emotions ranging from fear to anger to discovering a new opportunity that led him toward genuine fulfillment.

Recognizing Your Talents: A chorus of “You missed your calling” led David to recognize his intrinsic talents in speaking, coaching, and entertaining.

Learning from Mistakes: The corporate world is full of challenges, providing a treasure trove of invaluable lessons and opportunities for growth.

Pursuing Volunteer Service and Business in Separate Lanes: David demonstrated how immersing yourself in volunteer service can not only rejuvenate your spirit but also become a vessel for contributing to a purpose larger than a paycheck and bringing your career fulfillment in ways you might not have imagined.

🎯 My Key Takeaway

My conversation with David Goad helped me realize that when you devote time and energy to a cause that you believe in, it gives you a sense of purpose and career fulfillment. This transcends the mere feeling of goodness. Volunteer service always provides a return to you in some way that you usually don’t expect.

In my own journey, serving as the chairperson for a local high school’s Business Academy, though initially I reluctantly accepted this role, brought me unforeseen returns through experiential gains in leadership, planning, delegation, conflict resolution, and spokespersonship. This experience spilled into my professional life, particularly in running my digital marketing agency at that time, unexpectedly enriching it.

💡 My Challenge to You

If an opportunity to serve has knocked on your door, have you welcomed it or shied away, potentially missing a valuable, opportunity? Volunteer service may not deliver a paycheck, but it invariably gifts a sense of fulfillment, purpose, and fulfillment derived from making a difference.

If you’re already committed to a volunteer service role, kudos to you! Maybe, this episode could be the nudge that someone in your circle might need to step onto their own path of volunteer service.

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