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Ep 112 A Trial Lawyer’s Journey to Personal Development in Midlife | ILI 3 of 5

On this episode ILI alum, David Tank shares his experience as a trial lawyer and the journey to personal growth and development in his 60s.

Welcome to an immersive storytelling episode sponsored by the Inspired Leadership Initiative (ILI) at the University of Notre Dame.

On this episode, I speak with ILI alum, David Tank. We had an inspiring conversation about his experience as a trial lawyer and the journey to personal growth and development that he is experiencing in his 60s.

David shares his thoughts on the fulfillment of being a trial attorney, a journey that began in his youth.

He candidly discusses how being an introvert initially made him question his compatibility with the legal profession, but he gradually gained confidence and enjoyed every aspect of his work as a trial lawyer.

However, as David reflected on his decades of success in the courtroom as a trial lawyer, he began to question if the traits that served him well in his career were serving him well in his personal life. This has prompted him to consider personal growth and development.

David wondered if he would be open minded to grow personally at this stage in his life. He decided to step back from his legal practice and invested in the Inspired Leadership Initiative at Notre Dame.

During the full academic year at the ILI David learned the importance of being open to new experiences and enjoying the wonder of conversation without an agenda.  He cast aside habits that were formed over decades as a trial lawyer to build new relationships with an open mind.

He inspires us with his willingness to let go of control and embrace uncertainty. His story encourages us to reflect on the habits or traits developed over many years that may be holding us back in some way.

Tune in to discover how this academic year at ILI reoriented David’s perspective and allowed him to explore new possibilities.

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