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Ep 167 To Overcome a Midlife Crisis You Must Discover Your True Self

Learn about the inevitable process of discovering your true self when dealing with and overcoming a midlife crisis.

In this takeaway episode, I am inspired by my conversation with Kimmy Seltzer on episode 166 about the inevitable process of discovering your true self when dealing with and overcoming a midlife crisis.

Here are three Key discussion points from our conversation that lead to my takeaway:

1️⃣ Confidence transcends age and relationship status.
2️⃣ The relationship between inner and outer confidence is real.
3️⃣ Self-discovery doesn’t have an expiration date.

And, this is where I land on this takeaway episode, the power of discovering your true self. Kimmy experienced a bona fide midlife crisis when she got divorced and found herself lacking confidence.

Her transformative event was her “red dress moment.” Now, she coaches people over 40 to discover their true self through their own version of a red dress moment.

I’m convinced we all want to thrive. We all want to grow, even in midlife. For many, that requires rediscovering your values, leading to rediscovering, or discovering your true self, which leads to confidence.

My challenge to you is this. Do you need to regain your confidence in some area of your life? Where are you in your self-discovery journey in your current season of life? I suggest that if you’re not in a self-discovery journey of some sort, you are not growing.

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