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Ep 120 A Story of Transition from Business Owner to Leadership Coach | ILI 4 of 5

Eric Wiechart transitioned his small business to the next generation to channel his energy to a new purpose as a leadership coach.

Welcome to episode 120, an immersive storytelling episode about transitioning from business owner to leadership coach brought to you by the Inspired Leadership Initiative (ILI) at the University of Notre Dame.

I had the privilege of speaking with ILI Alum Eric Wiechart whose core career transitioned from working in large companies to owning and growing small businesses. In this journey, he reached a point where he wanted to transition business ownership to the next generation so he could channel his energy to a new purpose in his life, not just his career.

What he discovered as a result of going through the ILI program is a passion for coaching others, which drives joy for Eric. These three discussion points summarize our conversation.

1️⃣ Embrace Small Business: A successful career running and growing small businesses was driven by closeness to customers and the opportunity to create good jobs for people which brought Eric immense fulfillment.

2️⃣ Overcoming Transition Challenges: Transitioning from running a small business to handing it over to the next generation was a 7-year process. By committing to the Inspired Leadership Institute (ILI) along with the guidance of outside experts, Eric was able to navigate the emotional challenge and find clarity in the midst of this transition.

3️⃣ The Power of Cohort: The ILI program provided Eric with a cohort of like-minded individuals who were also navigating their own transitions. Together, they formed a support system, offering guidance, challenges, and camaraderie. The side-by-side journey and shared experiences helped all of them grow to their next chapter in life with purpose.

When you listen to this conversation with Eric, consider the transition you seek in your own life and how it aligns with your purpose.

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