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Ep 97 Safeguarding Your Financial Future with a Trusted Advisor

Financial planning is never perfect. Forgive yourself for mistakes made. Work with a financial advisor to safeguard your financial future.

Welcome to this week’s takeaway episode where I reflect on my conversation with Jessica Majeski on episode 96.

Jessica is a wealth management advisor at Northwestern Mutual.  She has been my trusted advisor for eighteen years.

Jessica mentioned on episode 96 that financial planning is never perfect and we should forgive ourselves for mistakes. The key is to be well informed so that you know your options to plan your financial future.

I confessed I didn’t want to admit that I needed professional guidance in my financial planning. As a result, I postponed my planning longer than I should have.

I learned why it’s important to balance long-term savings while reducing the risk of income loss in the event of illness or injury. And, I couldn’t have learned this and more importantly I couldn’t have done good planning without guidance from my trusted advisor, Jessica Majeski.

My challenge to you is this. Do you have a trusted financial advisor? If you do, congratulations! If you don’t, overcome whatever the reason is that you don’t have one and get one. A trusted financial advisor will look out for your best long-term interests and guide you every step of the way.

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Read the Northwestern Mutual Planning and Progress Study Report
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