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Ep 99 The Reason Doors Close and Open on Your Journey to Midlife Fulfillment

Our life's journey can take us somewhere we didn't anticipate. Looking back we can often see how the doors that closed and opened, did so for a reason.

This is a takeaway episode from my conversation with Chuck Palm on episode 98. Chuck’s fulfillment story is an inspiring reminder of how life can unfold in unexpected ways and the journey sometimes takes us somewhere we didn’t anticipate. But, when we get there we can see how the doors that closed, closed for a reason and the doors that opened, opened for a reason.

Takeaway episodes are not a replacement for the complete conversation, in this case, episode 98, where Chuck and I discussed:

Embracing Change: Out of necessity, Chuck transitioned from a technical job in the movie industry because of the impact of COVID-19.

Art as Therapy: Chuck’s passion for sculpting paved the way for his involvement in art therapy, volunteering to help veterans access treatment and find purpose.

Mind-Body Connection: Chuck prioritized health and fitness in midlife with a commitment to daily exercise resulting in significant health improvements.

Elvis Fandom Pays Off: His affinity for Elvis Presley’s “blue-suede shoes” enabled him to realize the impact of being memorable for something unique. 

Technology with Purpose: Chuck embraced a role in Crypto and Block Chain, inspired to help people in a return to his career roots in technology.

My Takeaway from Episode 98
Chuck gave himself permission to be open-minded to the fact that doors were closing and doors were opening for a reason.

It can be hard to “give yourself permission” to allow events to unfold as they are unfolding.  This is where faith comes in. One’s faith can be in “the universe,” or “fate,” or “luck,” or God. I’m in the God camp. The Bible says that God knows how many hairs you have on your head. If you’re going to believe that, it’s no stretch to believe that God is in control of the big stuff. That he knows the doors that are closing and the doors that are opening. And, more importantly, why! 

Whatever your faith is in, the evidence is overwhelming that we end up where we were meant to be, with who we were meant to be with, doing what we were meant to be doing.

Chuck said that when he “opened his mind to this,” it got a lot better, a lot easier! 

My Challenge to You
Look back on your journey and think about how things have unfolded for you. Can you see evidence of the divine, where things happened that “were supposed to happen, for a reason?”

Rarely do things unfold the exact way we want them to unfold. Often, things unfold against our will. At least until we accept that things are unfolding exactly as they are supposed to unfold.

Maybe you’ll experience what Chuck experienced. Things got easier, they got better. That’s what I want for you.

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