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Ep 82 The Queen of Jeans: Diane Gilman’s Legacy for Midlife Women

Diane Gilman is known as the Queen of Jeans. She believes her purpose is to brighten up the day for women in midlife, helping them feel valued.

On episode 82 you’ll meet Diane Gilman, the charismatic, pearl-haired “Queen of Jeans.” At 77 years young, Diane is an inspiration for women embracing their third act.

She’s the top Teleretailing brand globally, with her DG2 Jeans line on HSN becoming a sensation, generating over $100 million dollars a year in retail sales domestically and internationally. Diane is also the author of “Too Young to be Old,” and the host of the YouTube video podcast, Aging with Grace 55+.

Diane was born to an older mother who instilled in her the belief that life as a woman was over by age 30. Witnessing her parents’ health issues and early retirement, Diane knew there had to be more to life.

At 58, Diane, a designer, couldn’t find a pair of jeans that fit her changing body. So she designed her own. Despite rejections from jeans makers, the new female CEO of QVC/HSN gave her an opportunity. Diane’s jeans sold out within minutes, leading to a $100M per year business.

Diane views her life as a Broadway play, with the third act being a celebration. She believes in having a purpose, drawing from her experiences, and being the boss of her life.

Diane has reinvented herself with a new podcast on YouTube called Aging with Grace 55 Plus. She views her podcast as a platform for her voice to help her generation of women. She believes in the power of purpose and impact and encourages women to follow their hearts and dreams.

Diane’s journey through her husband’s and her own cancer battle has made her more empathetic, sympathetic, and grateful. She believes her purpose is to brighten up the day for women in midlife, helping them feel valued.

Diane Gilman is a woman who is truly too young to be old.

Catch my takeaway from this inspiring conversation coming up on episode 83.

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