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Ep 114 The Power of Pause to Control Your Mind and Thrive in Midlife

Rob Connelly experienced a crossroads which left him questioning who he is so he developed the Powerful Pause mindset tool to gain control over his mind.

On episode 114 I speak with Rob Connelly. Rob introduces us to a mindset tool he developed that he calls  “the powerful pause” and how using this tool can transform your midlife experience.

After Rob experienced a crossroads in his life which left him questioning who he is and why he is on this Earth, he developed this mindset tool to gain control over his mind.

We discussed:
1️⃣ Embracing the “powerful pause” by taking deliberate pauses in life, both planned and spontaneous to develop self-awareness and gain control over our thinking. By knowing ourselves and our values, Rob discovered the power of navigating stressful moments without feeling miserable.

2️⃣ Mind over mind: Rob realized that we do not have to be controlled by our minds. Rather, we can learn to control our minds. His Powerful Pause method allows us to focus on the present and gain control over our thoughts, leading to a state of no-mind where we are fully conscious but not thinking. He admits that it sounds strange, but it is powerful to experience.

3️⃣ Disconnect to connect: Our addiction to technology and constant distractions makes it challenging for us to be fully present. By intentionally unplugging and spending time alone with ourselves, we can ease our addiction to technology, discover a liking for ourselves, and find it easier to work through our flaws and challenges.

🎧 Tune in to the full episode with Rob Connelly to dive deeper into the concept of the “powerful pause” and its potential to help you thrive in your current midlife season.

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