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Ep. 19 Not so famous Joseph Jaffe found his purpose

Joseph Jaffe found his purpose during the pandemic to be a talk show host. Now, he hosts the Joseph Jaffe is Not Famous show on YouTube live stream three days per week.

This week you’ll meet Joseph Jaffe.  I’ve been “stalking” Joseph for years. He is an online personality, previously known as “JaffeJuice.” Joseph is a popular author (5 books), keynote speaker, and consultant.

When the pandemic hit, Joseph experienced an AF of a different kind. He calls it an AP – after pandemic. It happened the day after the pandemic started in March of 2020. He started going live on YouTube with a guest. It didn’t take long for Joseph to realize how fulfilling it is for him to host a live conversation on YouTube interviewing someone about their life, career, thoughts, and feelings.   

In this episode, we discuss how Joseph found his purpose and that is to be a talk show host. He hosts the Joseph Jaffe is Not Famous show on YouTube live stream three days per week.

Joseph was introduced to creator coins and minted his own $JAFFE coin. On this episode, Joseph offers an “airdrop” of free $JAFFE coin.  Go here to claim your piece of a $JAFFE coin. You’ll need to set up an account on the network

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