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Ep 139 Navigate Your Life Advice through Values Driven Decision Making

Whatever it is in your life that you’re feeling pressure to do according to someone else’s advice, stop, pause, and reflect on your values.

Welcome to my takeaway from episode 138, my conversation with Jenn Herman where we had an authentic conversation about the choice between a hustle-culture lifestyle and a balanced lifestyle. Spoiler alert, your choice should not be based on the advice of others. Your choice should be based on your values. Here is a recap of the three key discussion points from my conversation with Jenn.

1️⃣ Pursuing Fulfillment: Jenn has a full-time job, and a full-time business and she is a single mom. Jenn has a passion for impacting and empowering women, advocating for their success in their careers.

2️⃣ Personal Growth and Support: Jenn discussed the immense value of mutual support and collaboration, by having a supportive network, such as a mastermind group, or a coach to provide feedback, challenge, and encouragement in business and life.

3️⃣ Finding Balance: Jenn emphasized the significance of giving yourself grace and making choices that align with your personal fulfillment and joy.

It’s easy to be convinced that the guidance you’re getting from a friend, spouse, or coach is in your best interest. And, they probably have good intentions for you. But, ultimately, it’s up to you to know what is good for you. Whatever it is in your life that you’re feeling pressure to do according to someone else’s advice, stop, pause, and reflect on your values. This is especially important if you’re getting career advice.

There is nothing wrong with someone who cares about you to challenge you to get outside your comfort zone. What you and I need to consider is the pace at which you should pursue your project.

My challenge to you.
Are you allowing the advice of others to push you at a pace that causes you an inordinate amount of stress, or in some other way comes at a big price that you may regret? Check your values before you go through with it.

Don’t give up on this project, provided that it’s good for you. But, give yourself the grace – as Jenn says – to do it at the pace that works for you. It’s your life. It’s your fulfillment at stake. Don’t let anyone dictate to you how to achieve this fulfillment.

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