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Ep 87 My Voice Box Battle and the Promise of Acupuncture Treatment

I battle muscle tension dysphonia (MTD), a voice disorder. As a podcaster, my voice is crucial, and I'm exploring acupuncture treatment for it.

Welcome to episode 87, a takeaway from my conversation with Alexa Bradley Hulsey on episode 86, where we delved into the health benefits of acupuncture.

Alexa, a board-certified acupuncturist since 2005, shared her journey from social work to acupuncture, driven by her fascination with this ancient Chinese medicine. She adopted a community treatment model to make acupuncture affordable to more patients, focusing on balancing blood, chi, yin, and yang for optimal health.

Acupuncture can treat a range of conditions including pain, stress, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, skin conditions, allergies, and more. Alexa’s approach treats both the symptom and the cause, tailoring treatments to each patient’s needs. She often works with midlifers experiencing changes in body movement, digestion, hormones, and reactions to food and drink.

On this episode, I share a personal struggle I’ve never discussed before: my battle with muscle tension dysphonia (MTD), a voice disorder that affects the efficiency of the voice box due to tight muscles around the larynx. As a podcaster, my voice is crucial, and the constant throat clearing, voice fatigue, and degradation in voice quality after meals have been a significant nuisance.

Despite trying medication and voice therapy, my MTD persists. However, Alexa suggested that acupuncture could potentially help with my MTD. I’m excited to explore this treatment option and will update you on my progress in a few months.

My Challenge to You
Do you have a health issue that might benefit from acupuncture? If so, why not give it a try? Do you have a friend who could benefit from learning about the health virtues of acupuncture? Share this episode with a friend.

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