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Ep 157 Level Up As an Ambassador and Fill Your Legacy Fulfillment Pillar

A can-do-ologist wants others to have a can-do mindset. They actively spread the can-do mindset. They are ambassadors for the principle of a can-do mindset.

I’m excited to share the latest takeaway from the Midlife Fulfilled podcast in episode 157. In this episode, I dive into my conversation with Denise Gable, where we discussed the power of the “can do” mindset and the concept of “can-do-ology™.

Here are the 3 key discussion points from this conversation:

1️⃣ Embrace a Can Do Mindset.
2️⃣ Assess Your Joy Meter.
3️⃣ The Impact of Teamwork and Collaboration

Ready to level up from being a can-doer to a can-do-ologist?

A can-do-ologist is the next level up from a can-doer. This is someone who wants others to have a can-do mindset and they actively work toward spreading the can-do mindset.
They are ambassadors for the principle of a can-do mindset.

Can-do-ologists want others to have a can-do mindset because they are aware of the power of this approach to work, play, collaboration, and everyday communication.

My challenge to you is to level up from a can-doer to a can-do-ologist to bring more “can” to this world!

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Episode Transcript

Bernie Borges [00:00:00]:
Hello, my midlife friend. This is Bernie Borges, your host of the Midlife Fulfill podcast, and this is episode 157, a takeaway episode from episode 156, my conversation with Denise Gable. You know the drill. On takeaway episodes, I summarize The key discussion points from the previous episode, and then I hone in on 1 key takeaway that I wanna emphasize to you. And then I issue you a challenge to consider on this topic. But first, let me begin by reintroducing you to Denise Gable. Denise Gable is an international best selling author. She’s a professional speaker and mentor.

Bernie Borges [00:00:39]:
Her book, which I devoured from cover to cover. The can do mindset introduces the principle of candoology, which is a mindset to get the right things done with enthusiasm. On episode 156, Denise explains how embracing can doology can lead to new possibilities. Now here are 3 key discussion points from my episode with Denise Gable. Number 1, embrace a can do mindset. Denise says that can doers are wired with Strong values, and they excel in problem solving. They prioritize trust and accountability, and they’re highly sought after for their proactive nature and their excellent communication skills. Number 2, assess your joy meter.

Bernie Borges [00:01:27]:
Denise says, Use the joy meter to identify the activities that align with your skills and happiness. This is a tool that can guide you to where to invest your time and energy leading to a more fulfilling life. And number 3, the impact of teamwork and collaboration. Denise says that when we understand the importance of we in choosing who to engage and to what extent this leads to new possibilities and new opportunities. Now where I wanna land from my takeaway from my conversation with Denise Gable is on a point that we discussed briefly near the end of the episode, And we didn’t spend a lot of time on it, and I think it’s worth a deeper dive. So here we go. I asked Denise, What’s the difference between a can doer and a candoologist? And Denise explained that can doers are plentiful, which is good because we wanna live, work, and play with people that have a can do mindset. For example, imagine you’re gonna go on a hike And your partner or your friend suggests hiking on a 10 mile trail that’s known as an advanced trail.

Bernie Borges [00:02:39]:
It requires that you get there at 6 AM and hike for 6 to 8 hours through rough terrain. Now if you’re not prepared for this type of a hike, a can doer would ask, okay. What can we do? Maybe a 5 mile or a 3 mile trail is more reasonable for you and your friend. Now this is a simple example of a can doer asking, what can we do? Again, this mindset is somewhat plentiful and very attractive. You wouldn’t wanna have a combative conversation with your friend who wants to go on a 10 mile hike. That would be an unpleasant experience to say the least. You want your hiking buddy to be understanding of what we can do when you’re planning your hiking adventure. Now a can doologist is the next level up from a can doer.

Bernie Borges [00:03:34]:
This is someone who wants others to have a can do mindset, and they actively work towards spreading the can do mindset. On the podcast, I suggested that a can doologist is like an influencer because they influence others to have a can do mindset. Now I’m gonna suggest another descriptor for a candologist. I’m gonna suggest that they are ambassadors for the principle of a can do mindset ambassadors. Candologists want others to have a can do mindset because They are well aware of the power of this approach to work, play, collaborate, and really just do everyday life and communication. So I’m gonna go back to the hiking scenario. Imagine your hiking buddy says to you, okay. So a 10 mile hike is not gonna work for you.

Bernie Borges [00:04:29]:
What kind of hike will work for you? And after some conversation, you both arrive at a 3 and a half mile hike, with enjoyable scenery, and you make plans for this hike. But you also realize the power of your friend’s can do approach So much so that you ask your friend if this mindset is conscious or unconscious. Your friend surprises you telling you that it’s very much a conscious mindset and that it’s known as Ken duology. Your friend explains that it’s about finding what we can do and then planning accordingly so that we do what we agree on, and we do it with enthusiasm. You quickly connect the dots on the power of candourology, and you think about where else you can apply this mindset in your life. You think about your workplace, which is maybe the biggest area of life where candourology can have a huge impact, but then you let your mind drift to other areas of your Midlife, your relationship with your partner, your kids, your friends, people in your mastermind group. I mean, the list is endless. You begin to think how having this can do mindset can be transformational.

Bernie Borges [00:05:47]:
You imagine what you can get accomplished in each of these areas of your Midlife. So you get to work being a conscious can doer, and in no time, you see progress. You see people’s attitudes become more cooperative, kinder, willing to get things done, and with enthusiasm. And you wonder if people have noticed the change in you. You wonder if they know that you’re a can doer. Then you begin to explain to people that you’ve impacted with your newfound can do mindset what it means to have a Kenduology mindset. Most people, maybe not all, respond favorably to you because they’ve experienced positive benefits of Candoology because of your can do behavior. Then it hits you.

Bernie Borges [00:06:38]:
You realize that you’ve leveled up from being a can doer to a Can Duologist. You have become an ambassador of the Can Duology movement, and this realization begins to fill your legacy fulfillment bucket, and you remember what I’ve reminded you on this podcast of many times, and that is that legacy fulfillment is immutable, and this warms your heart. So friend, my challenge to you is commit to being a can doer and consider becoming a can duologist. Being a can duologist has potential to create a lot more can in this world, and that will help you to fill your legacy fulfillment bucket. Hey. Shifting gears again. I wanna know if you would join a free group of like minded midlife folks, like you and me, to meet online and share stories and insights across the 5 pillars of midlife. And if so, I wanna know Which online group platform is your preference? In the show notes for this episode, there is a 2 question survey.

Bernie Borges [00:07:48]:
It’s just 2 questions. It’s gonna take you, like, 35 and a half seconds. I want you to take this survey and help me decide where to launch this free online community. So far I’ve heard from some of you, but I know that some of you have not chimed in yet. Come on. Literally, 35 and a half seconds to take this survey. Let me know your preferences for this free online group where we can share, listen, and support each other in our midlife fulfillment adventures. Just scroll down to the show notes, find the link to the survey, and give me your input.

Bernie Borges [00:08:21]:
Thank you, and I hope to see you inside the group. Hey. I wanna thank Denise Gable for joining me on episode 156 and sharing her can do story and her journey to becoming the world’s first Kenduologist. And I wanna remind you that you can watch the video recording with Denise Gable on episode 156 on the Midlife Fulfilled YouTube channel. That is also linked up in the show notes page. My next guest episode will feature Walter Paulson. Walter is a Vistage chair, and we’ll explain that on the episode. He’s also a former Silicon Valley CEO.

Bernie Borges [00:09:00]:
And Walter joins me in episode 158 to discuss how CEOs can find work life balance. You don’t wanna miss this conversation. And if you’re a new listener, I invite you to hit the subscribe button on your podcast player so that you don’t miss this episode and future episodes. You know what time it is. It’s that time when I remind you that if you’re 80% fulfilled, you’re doing great. And if you wanna know how I know this, listen to episode 100 where I explain it. I’ll see you on episode 158. I’ll see you then.

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