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Ep 78 How Technology Will Shape a Day in Your life in 2050

Futurist, Ines O'Donovan shares how technology will shape a day in your life in 2050.

On episode 78 you’ll meet futurist Ines O’Donavan, Ph.D., who takes us on a journey into a typical day in the year 2050, organized by technology.

In this future world, our day starts with a smart bed that optimizes our sleep based on our biomarkers, ensuring we wake up refreshed. In the bathroom, the smart toilet analyzes our nutrient levels, while a smart mat at the sink analyzes our posture. The smart mirror analyzes our stress level, checks our calendar, and sends information to the kitchen for a perfectly customized smoothie.

If we need medicine, we can print it out at home. Our morning workout can take place in the metaverse, with exercises customized to our biomarkers, designed by AI. Since 1960, we’ve been living an additional 20 years, and most of us will be able to halt aging, making us biologically younger.

Smart glasses or contact lenses with a keyboard hologram allow us to work while walking on a treadmill desk. The traditional corporate job is less likely, as businesses will hire skills and we will work in small teams on projects. We’ll see people’s emotions through the use of color and verbal communication will be aided by brain optimization devices.

In this future world, we may have several emotional biomarkers, and implanting a device in our brains to download information could make the current education system obsolete. Large corporations will downsize, and they will “rent brains” based on the skills needed to accomplish projects.

Ines reminds us that this future is not set in stone and we have the power to shape it through our choices and actions.

Catch my takeaway from this thought-provoking conversation on episode 79. 

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