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Ep 117 How Mind Mapping Can Shape Your Midlife Career Pivot

If you’re looking to pivot your career in midlife mind mapping to develop a content strategy will help you greatly.

Welcome to my takeaway from my conversation with Erika Heald on episode 116 where I discuss how mind mapping can influence your midlife career pivot.

On episode 116 Erika Heald and I discussed these three key points:
1️⃣ Define what you want to be known for.
2️⃣ Plan your career pivot.
3️⃣ Leverage content in your personal brand.

In my experience many people in midlife conflate social media with content. There is definitely a relationship, for sure. But, there is also a distinct difference.

Erika stresses that we should build our personal brand for our whole self, not just for what we do professionally.  We are real people. Most of us have outside interests.

So, ask yourself the simple question, what is that thing that you do or participate in outside of work that few people know about? Is it on your LinkedIn profile?

What kind of content could you produce about this passion of yours?

Erika suggested you build a mindmap around your topic to create a foundation for your content strategy. I delve into this in some detail on this episode.

Another step is documenting your target audience. I cover this in detail in my Midlife Career Reboot Workbook. 

The challenge for you to consider is to develop a content plan that will put you out there with the message you want to get across so that people will know what you’re about and will understand you better.

If you’re looking to pivot your career or win more clients for your business, boosting your personal brand through a content strategy will help you greatly.

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