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Ep 74 How Being a Career Rebel Can Lead You to Greater Fulfillment in Midlife

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh shares her insights on why it's so hard for people to come to terms with exploring new career options in midlife.

On episode 74 you’ll meet Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, an award-winning master-certified executive coach, personal brand strategist, and 3x Amazon best-selling author.

Dr. Walsh shares her insights on why it’s so hard for people to come to terms with exploring new career options in midlife. She explains the sunk cost syndrome, where individuals have invested years of education and experience and feel that it makes no sense to course-correct. She also talks about the midlife pivot and how other responsibilities, such as aging parents, getting kids through college, saving in a 401K, and having a title and benefits, often encourage midlifers to ride it out until retirement.

She emphasizes that many people have tied their personal identity to their professional identity and never took the time to explore what they really want to do. As children, we dream about our careers, but as we age, we become less focused on our dreams and more practical about choosing a career path that leads to steady employment and the financial ability to have a house and family.

Dr. Walsh points out that doing what you love is not always a source of income. She encourages listeners not to blame themselves and reminds them that they did exactly what was expected of them.

Finally, Dr. Walsh shares that people who were encouraged to follow their dreams by their families when they were young are blessed to have the opportunity to do what they love in their career.

So, if you (or someone you know) are struggling to explore new career options in midlife, this episode is for you.

Tune in to hear Dr. Walsh’s insights and advice on how to become a “career rebel” and take control of your professional life.

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