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Ep. 11 His midlife AF started on his 37th birthday

When JK Kalinowski turned 37 it hit him that he wanted to do more with his life to honor his aunt Jeneanne who passed away at age 37.

This week you’ll meet JK Kalinowski. He shares his personal story about his aunt Jenneane whom he never met. Sadly, she passed away at the age of 37 five months before JK was born in 1974.  

When JK turned 37 it hit him that he wanted to do more with his life to honor his aunt Jeneanne. He made bold decisions and his life started to change in several ways. His life was already good. But, his new AF season was even better. 

Tune in to hear the decisions he made and how they changed his life.  

You’ll be inspired by JK’s BF to AF story in this episode.
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