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Ep 106 From Vanity to Value Uncovering the Power of Your Personal Brand in Midlife

On episode 106 Michelle B. Griffin explains that putting yourself out there is not vanity. It's value to your clients and prospects.

On episode 106 you’ll meet Michelle B. Griffin, The Brand Therapist℠. She is an expert brand therapist who helps individuals uncover their true talents and passions. She believes that personal branding is about being seen (visibility), valued, and making a positive impact on those you can serve.

Key takeaways from this episode:
🌟 Visibility is not vanity: Michelle reminds us that being visible is about sharing our passions, ideas, and expertise to empower and motivate others. She says that visibility is value for the people that need what you have to offer!

🌟 LinkedIn is a vibrant global business community: Michelle shares her journey on LinkedIn and how it evolved from a resume site to a place where conversations happen, connections are formed, and opportunities abound. You’ll be inspired to leverage the power of LinkedIn for networking, finding clients, and discovering new opportunities.

🌟 Building your personal brand: Michelle’s systematic approach breaks down barriers and uncovers your authentic self. By gaining clarity on your purpose and expressing your true identity, you can confidently showcase your work, attract recognition, and create impactful content.

Connect with Michelle B. Griffin The Brand Therapist
Website: https://michellebgriffin.com/
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