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Ep 70 From Florida to Hollywood: He Found Fulfillment through Authenticity

Brandon realized that he needed to embrace complete authenticity to be true to himself bringing him fulfillment in his life in Los Angeles.

Episode 70 features Brandon Rodriguez in a BF (before fulfillment) to AF (after fulfillment) episode.

Brandon moved to Hollywood (CA) from Florida in his mid-twenties to pursue a career in acting. While he has experienced many good things in his film career, he realized after a few years that he was not being authentic, and this became a major struggle for his fulfillment.

For instance, Brandon was ashamed to admit he grew up in Florida, and this feeling of shame prevented him from being his true authentic self. During Covid, he recognized that he needed to deal with this. He gave himself permission to see a therapist and started attending a weekly men’s group that meets every Thursday. This group of guys has become a significant part of his life, as they meet, talk, and hold each other accountable.

Through this journey, Brandon has learned what it means to be authentic. He realized that he needed to embrace who he really is with complete authenticity. He has found that being true to himself has brought him the most fulfillment in his life in Los Angeles.

Listen to hear Brandon’s story and the lessons he has learned on his journey from Florida to Hollywood and his journey to fulfillment by embracing authenticity.

On my midweek episode 71, I’ll share my takeaways from my conversation with Brandon and a challenge for you to consider on this topic. Start by listening to my full conversation with Brandon here on episode 70.

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