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Ep 109 A Fresh Look at Midlife Reinvention by Embracing Your ‘How’ Over ‘What’

Where in midlife can you shift focus from 'what' you're doing to 'how' you're doing it? Embracing uncertainty can lead to midlife reinvention.

Welcome to my takeaway episode for my conversation with Michele Kellrooney in Episode 108, which is the second immersive storytelling episode in a five-part special series sponsored by the Inspired Leadership Initiative at the University of Notre Dame.

Michele Kellrooney’s Transformation with ILI in Summary

🎤 Embrace Career Transitions: Michele’s journey emphasizes the fluidity of careers and the beauty of embracing change.

🎤 Leap of Faith: Challenged by the enormity of the ILI opportunity and doubting her capabilities, Michele’s story is a testament to the transformative power of diving headfirst into unknown territory.

🎤 Beyond Job Skills: More than just gaining skills, the ILI program facilitated Michele’s profound internal transformation. It’s not about changing her profession (she continues teaching), but refining ‘how’ she approaches it with renewed intentionality and mindset.

🙌 My Key Takeaway:
Michele’s transformation revolves not around changing ‘what’ she does, but reshaping ‘how’ she does it. Often, in career transitions or life changes, we focus on the ‘what’ —the job title, the specific skill, or a fresh business idea. However, Michele’s story prompts us to question if the thing we need to consider is the ‘how.’  For her, it was accepting teaching roles with an open mind, allowing herself to journey through them, embracing uncertainty, and discovering what they could offer.

🔥 My Challenge to You:
Where in your life can you shift focus from ‘what’ you’re doing to ‘how’ you’re doing it? Embracing uncertainty and stepping outside your comfort zone can lead to unparalleled experiences, much like an unplanned trip to an unknown city. Such experiences, though uncertain, can be truly transformational.

Tune in, reflect, and consider—where can you add a dash of uncertainty for a chance at transformation?

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