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Ep 92 Unlock the Benefits of Fitness in Midlife for Your Body and Brain

Exercise is the miracle drug for aging, providing an extended quality of life, allowing for activities like hiking, skiing and playing with grandkids. 

On episode 92, you’ll meet Jay Croft, a journalist by trade. Jay shares his personal journey to discovering how to channel his journalism craft to the world of fitness for people in midlife.  Jay writes for gym owners, helping them attract the over 50 crowd. 

Jay explains the importance of exercise being the miracle drug for aging, and how it can lead to an extended quality of life, allowing for activities like hiking and skiing and playing with grandkids. 

Jay points out that some people in midlife associate exercise with getting big muscles, which they don’t want. That’s why he helps gym owners educate their communities on the benefits of exercise for aging by dispelling myths about exercise being boring or only for getting big muscles.

In addition, Jay talks about the benefits of exercise on mental health, range of motion, and cognitive function. Exercise can stimulate new pathways and improve memory and cognitive connections as we age. Exercise can also have social benefits, reducing social isolation and improving mood.

Listen to episode 92 to learn more valuable insights on how to discover your “why” for an exercise routine that can add joy to your Midlife Fulfilled journey!

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