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Ep 80 Mastering Your Health Through the Four Quadrants of Well Being

Dr. Michelle Robin explains the "quadrants of well-being," and how they are the key to your long-term health.

On episode 80 you’ll meet Dr. Michelle Robin, a wellness expert and author of The E Factor: Engage, Energize, Enrich.  Our conversation delves into the key components of Dr. Robin’s book.

Engage involves understanding your purpose, defining goals, and developing a plan to achieve them.

Energize focuses on increasing your energy levels to live a vibrant life. Dr. Robin discusses the importance of addressing sleep, posture, nutrition, and the impact of electromagnetic fields, and the need for social connection and building a community for mental well-being.

Enrich refers to personal growth and understanding your story. Dr. Robin shares her own journey of self-discovery.  She stresses the importance of seeking guidance and support, as well as acknowledging your past experiences and their effects on overall well-being.

Dr. Robin introduces the “quadrants of well-being,” which includes mechanical, chemical, energetical, and psycho-spiritual. She explains these in detail in our conversation and how they are the key to your long-term health.

Dr. Robin generously offers a free PDF copy of her book, “The E Factor,” which is linked up below. The link opens directly to the PDF without a form to fill out.

Lastly, Dr. Robin discusses her foundation, Big Shifts Foundation, which aims to empower young people to make generational changes in their well-being.

I’m inspired by our conversation because it provides insights into the importance of holistic well-being and offers practical guidance.

Catch my takeaway from this thought-provoking conversation coming up on episode 81.

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