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Ep 118 The Art of Career Reinvention from Internet Celebrity to Chief of Staff

Chris Brogan reveals how every part of his journey has been a puzzle piece leading him to his current role as chief of staff in a business.

On episode 118 Chris Brogan shares insights from his career journey. Chris enjoyed huge internet fame just a few short years ago. Big brands hired Chris as a keynote speaker for their events and to consult. He’s authored ten books, with another book in progress. 

Chris’ career took an interesting turn landing him in a corporate role as chief of staff. Chris shares how his current role is as close as it gets to leveraging all of his career experience.

Here are 3 key discussion points from our conversation:

1️⃣ Don’t constrain yourself: Chris encourages us to not place restrictions on the way we think, or assume that conventional wisdom has merit. He shares examples of how he did things very differently, which raised eyebrows and also opened doors for him.

2️⃣ Fail well: Chris says his CEO asked him to teach others how to fail. Knowing how to fail has great value in your career and in life in general. 

3️⃣ Value your connections: Chris emphasizes the importance of a strong network reminding us that our relationships hold immense value, both personally and professionally.

Chris admits where he made mistakes but he doesn’t beat himself up. Instead, he appreciates that every part of his journey has been a puzzle piece leading him to his current role as chief of staff in a business where he gets to use every ounce of his experience.

Chris’ story is very meaningful because there is a piece of it that almost anyone can relate to.

Listen and discover which part of Chris’ story resonates with your lessons learned or yet to be learned.

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