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I’m your host Bernie Borges.

I’m on a mission to help people over 40 thrive across the five pillars of midlife! 

The Midlife Fulfilled Podcast

The Podcast for People Over 40 That Want to Thrive

The Midlife Fulfilled podcast spans the 5 pillars of midlife: Health | Fitness | Career | Relationships | Legacy

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The Midlife Career Reboot Workbook

Step into Your Next Midlife Career Chapter with

If You're 80% Fulfilled You're Doing Great!

BF (before fulfillment) to AF (after fulfillment) episodes feature personal stories of fulfillment from people just like you.

Midlife Maximum episodes feature an expert in one of these areas of life: Career, Fitness, Health, Relationships or Legacy. 

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Listen to the podcast and gain actionable insights such as:

I am on a mission to prove that midlife is the most fulfilling phase of your life.

Latest Podcast Episodes

Loyal listeners to the Midlife Fulfilled Podcast discover ways to thrive across the five pillars of midlife. 

The Midlife Journey Blog

This blog features insights that can help you find more fulfillment and happiness so you can thrive in your midlife seasons. 

Middle-aged-man in midlife crisis | Midlife Fulfilled Podcast

How to Overcome the Challenges of the Big Squeeze in Middle Age

The term “big squeeze” describes a common challenge faced in middle age and it can impact your time, finances, emotional well-being, and even relationships.
Inspired Leadership Initiative 2023 Speaker Series | Midlife Fulfilled Podcast

The Inspired Leadership Initiative at Notre Dame is a Force for Good

I had the privilege of attending the Inspired Leadership Initiative Annual Speaker Series event at the University of Notre Dame.
Will AI Take My Job | Midlife Fulfilled Podcast | Bernie Borges

Will AI Take My Job – Dispelling Misconceptions

AI may take your current job, but if you are proactive you can create a new, even more exciting role for yourself with AI.  
The meaning of midlife | Midlife Fulfilled Podcast

Discovering the Meaning and Importance of Midlife

We all seek a fulfilling midlife, but how do you know when you are in midlife, and why does it matter?


Discover resources specially produced and curated by me to help you thrive in your midlife seasons. 

Download the Midlife Career Reboot Workbook

The Midlife Career Reboot Workbook

If you’re ready to reboot your career in midlife, download the free Midlife Career Reboot Workbook and reboot your career with confidence.
Download: Three Ways to Maximize Happiness in Midlife

Three Ways to Maximize Happiness in Midlife

This guide provides three scientifically-proven actions anyone can take to improve happiness or fulfillment in midlife.
Almond Cow Milk Maker Midlife Fulfilled Podcast Bernie Borges

Health Products

The products in this area of the Resources section are products I use to stay healthy and I recommend with confidence because I use them.
Books Recommended by Bernie Borges Host of Midlife Fulfilled Podcast


This section features books that I’ve read and recommend to help shape your fulfillment in areas of life such as career, relationships, physical health, mental health and general well-being.


The Midlife Career Reboot Workbook

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